What is an M&A SOC?

VSCR specializes in a Merger & Acquisition Secure Operations Center where we focus on identifying security vulnerabilities and risks within any acquisition prospect's IT systems and infrastructure. We can protect your acquisition through our safety net. We prefer to engage early to ensure the isolation and monitoring starts as soon as possible.

Single Pane of Glass

We provide an isolated, secure dashboard to which your security teams can connect and view realtime charts and graphs, reports, and historical information at any time.

A SOC that scales to fit

We can scale from assigning a top-tier M&A CyberSecurity expert to your acquisition process, up to staffing and equipping an entire trusted third-party SOC when needed.

Secure Operations Center
Detect Intrusion and Escalate

We work closely with your teams to ensure 24/7 eyes-on coverage of any or all of your network, following explicit procedures for alerting and escalating to your team any detected intrusion activity.

Transitional SOC

Our remote SOC can monitor any network activity while one or both merger SOCs are decomissioning, moving, or in some other kind of intermittent transition state.